Longport M4I Module

Longport M4I Module sunhillo

Process Mode 4 Interrogation, M4I Module:

  • CD-2 / M4IS Messaging
  • Synchronous serial port handles CD-2 and M4IS-Simple Format
  • Redundant Ethernet Ports handle M4IS-Simple Format
  • M4IS Replacement

Product Description

M4I Module description:

  • M4IS Replacement
  • CD-2/M4IS Messaging
  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP Protocols
  • Supports up to 6 -M4I Modules
  • Hot-swappable Interface Cards
  • Modular and scalable Architecture
  • Redundant Power Supplies (optional)
  • Front panel Indicators and E’net Maintenance Port
  • Direct M4I Replacement made easily with rear wire Terminal Blocks
  • Multiple (4) 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Ports (Programmable VLAN Configs)
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