LVD SYSTEMS srl, is a total solutions provider of high performance embedded computing solutions, custom hardware design, data recorders, rugged storage and analyzers.

Pioneering the development of embedded solutions for more than twelve years, the company designs and manufactures systems based on FPGAs, PowerPC and x86 processors. Through partnerships with other companies in the embedded community, we also offer a range of complementary products, enabling a truly comprehensive product portfolio and complete system deliveries.


  • Boardlevel (COTS) supplier (SBC, ADC, COMM and CTRL)
  • System analisys (performance, size estimation and architecture)
  • Software/Firmware development
  • FPGA HDL Development
  • Custom hardware development
  • Hardware prototyping and production
  • IP Core supplier
  • System Integration
  • Techinal Training and Seminars


Input and output, host computer and real-time performance requirements vary significantly between applications and customers. If the desired configuration is not available off-the shelf, LVD SYSTEMS can provide application software development and systems integration services.

LVD SYSTEMS’s experience and diverse portfolio of industry relationships mean that it can supply complete sub-systems ready for its customers to do what they do best – add their expertise and IP. This enables customers to deliver complete systems to their customers without needing to concern themselves with integration issues such as drivers, communications libraries and development tool availability.


LVD SYSTEMS’s customers often purchase standard commercial off-the shelf (COTS) equipment to prove the feasibility of an idea prior to building their own system. If the COTS solution is close in form, fit and function to the target configuration, the original system can be modified, saving time, money and design resources.

LVD SYSTEMS offers a custom design service with the ability to undertake projects anywhere from initial specification through to prototype to delivery of production systems. Full capabilities include:

  • Multi-layer PCB designs including use of fine line BGAs.
  • FPGA designs including VHDL development.
  • Rugged/Conduction-cooled development.
  • High speed bus & multi-GHz serial design


LVD SYSTEMS can assist customers with defining and writing the specifications for the system they want to develop. This task is done in cooperation with the client’s management and engineers to assure that the outcome meets 100% of their requirements.

LVD SYSTEMS will recommend the components and engineering needed to best fit the cost, functional and performance targets.


Air and Conduction Cooled

Many of LVD SYSTEMS’s products are designed for use in a range of applications and environments; ranging from benign to in-flight conditions. This is achieved through a philosophy of design for rugged from the start and includes thermal analysis, mechanical layout, timing analysis and component selection.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The result of this is a robust family of boards, using a common design, with commercial builds being code compatible with their rugged counterparts. This has the added benefit for users of being able to start a design with a low cost commercial variant, then switching to a more rugged build of the same design for a deployed system.

Rugged Systems

LVD SYSTEMS can supply the entire rugged sub-system. Chassis and enclosures can be provided with shock-mounts and heaters. In such systems, commercial boards can be used as they are protected from the harsh environments. These systems also have access to a wider range of components for greater system flexibility.