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PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT employs proprietary interface technologies to design and industrialize high-performance electrical connector solutions and advanced thermal interconnects for critical mission and harsh environment applications. The technologies employed by PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT result in advanced products with superior performance and reduced cost when compared to currently existing alternatives. The company’s expertise extends to supplier selection and qualification to develop the most efficient and competitive supply chain for the products designed.


  • Custom connector design employing S-FECT™ Solderless Technology.
  • Custom thermal interfaces with superior performance for conduction cooling applications.
  • CNC machining services for aluminum, copper, titanium alloys and tungsten-carbide.
  • PCB design services, simulation and testing for high data-rate applications.
  • PCB production.
  • PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT‘s customers are companies in Military, Aerospace and Spaceflight industries

Product, technology, and expertise:

  • PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT offers advanced interconnect solutions employing a non-destructive, solderless interface technology superior in performance and cost to press-fit. The S-FECT™ (slide-fit electrical contact termination) uses zero-insertion force or low insertion force contact interface with PCBs or between mating connectors.
  • PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT offers advanced thermal interconnection systems for embedded computing applications where conduction cooling is employed. The HEATBIND™ patent pending technology is the world’s most effective thermal interconnection for embedded computing applications. HEATBIND™ is significantly superior to wedgelocks, ICE-LOKS or any other open or patented retainer technology. HEATBIND™ is suitable for Open VPX, Space VPX, Open SOSA, Compact PCI Serial and Compact PCI Serial Space applications.
HEATBIND™ – Solid Thermal Retainer
HEATBIND™ – Solid Thermal Retainer

The HEATBIND™ is a Solid Thermal Retainer: higher area of thermal interface push-pull action to lock/unlock the board suitable for Open VPX, Space VPX, Open SOSA, Compact PCI Serial and Compact PCI Serial Space applications

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