LVD Systems operates on the Italian market as a distributor of solutions for embedded applications in the military, avionics, industrial, transport, telecommunications and scientific research sectors. With more than 20 years of experience, we design hardware and software systems according to customer needs and offer integration services, having a vast catalog of COTS products including Single Board Computers, A / D and D / A cards, video cards and for 10 GbE connectivity, ultra rugged SSD and CF disks, rugged servers, switches and monitors, industrial PCs, panel PCs and embedded PCs etc. etc.

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  • Intel based Single Board Computer
  • PMC / XMC modules
  • VPX development systems
  • High performance A/D and D/A boards
  • ATR systems
  • Single Board Computer with SoC Zynq
  • VPX systems
  • A/D and D/A boards
  • Data recorders
  • Development systems
  • GPGPU boards based on NVidia and AMD
  • Video compression boards

Hartmann Electronic GmbH

  • High speed backplanes
  • Modular system platform design
  • industrial embedded PC
  • Panel PC
  • Fanless systems
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  • Flash-based Storage Solutions
  • Rugged Computer Solutions
  • Surveillance Data
  • Communication Boards
  • UAS Products
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  • SCADA system
  • high level of communication
  • Custom connector design employing S-FECT™ Solderless Technology
  • Custom thermal interfaces
  • CNC machining services
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  • Rugged communication solutions
  • COTS
  • Customized MIL-STD
  • Rugged computing solutions
  • Embedded edge computers
  • Rackmount servres

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