VPX Standard

VPX standard

VPX standards establish a new direction for the next revolution in bus boards. It breaks out from the traditional connector scheme of VMEbus to merge the latest in connector and packaging technology with the latest in bus and serial fabric technology.

VPX combines best-in-class technologies to assure a very long technology cycle similar to that of the original VMEbus solutions. Traditional parallel VMEbus will continue to be supported by VPX through bridging schemes that assure a solid migration pathway.

This course is focused on an entire overview of the VPX Standard, starting from the basic concepts until the latest applications.

Course program
  • Introduction to the VPX standard
    • VITA Roadmap
    • The VME bus technology
    • VXS : toward serial buses
    • The VPX standard
      • Form factor
      • Connector
      • Power
  • The OpenVPX standard
    • Standardize to interoperate
    • OpenVPX philosophy
    • Basic concepts
    • OpenVPX planes
    • Understanding OpenVPX profiles
    • How to assembly OpenVPX systems
  • VPX/OpenVXP compliant COTS products
  • SW tools for VPX products
    • Operating Systems
    • Fabric Interconnect Networking software
    • Board level security package
    • BIT
    • Fast boot
  • Emerging technologies for VPX products
    • Vita 67.0
    • Vita 66.1 / Vita 66.4
    • Vita 47
    • New requirements: better cooling and LRM
    • Vita 48
    • Air cooling
    • Conduction cooling
    • AFT cooling
    • AFB cooling
  • OpenVPX application examples