VPX and OpenVPX Standard

VPX standard

This course is focused on the VPX and Open VPX standards, starting from the architecture until. The bus connections is deeply analyzed focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of the two standards.

It is held in a one day course

Course Program
  • Summary and target of the day
  • VPX and OpenVPX standards
  • Choice of system architecture
  • Communication between VPX cards
    • PCIe
    • Ethernet
    • Serial RapidIO
    • 10 Gb Ethernet
  • Centralized vs Distributed topology choice
    • Pros cons
    • Typical cases
  • State of the Market
  • Design Example (COTS only products)
    • Distributed Computing
    • High performance scalable recorder
  • Custom VPX board development
    • FPGA node
    • CPU node