VHDL Language Advanced

xilinx vitis

This course is aimed at all those who work in the field of electronics (Hardware, Firmware, and Software MiddleWare designers) who want to master the versatility and potential of FPGA programmable devices. The course consists of one days entirely dedicated to the advanced  VHDL language.

To participate in the course, knowledge of the fundamental principles of programming using high-level languages is required.

Course program
  • Rocket I / O and synchronous serial communications
    • Features and Uses
    • Example
    • The Aurora protocol
    • Implementation of custom protocols
  • PCI Express
    • Introduction to PCIe
    • Why use it in FPGAs
    • Use Interfacing with external peripherals


  • Parallel ADC / DAC
    • ADC / DAC on SPI
    • Memories
    • Source Synchronous Communications
  • Internal Bus
    • Introduction
    • Whishbone
    • Timing closure
    • Static analysis
    • Timing constraint