LVD Systems

RailLoc - Wagon GPS localization


Wagon GPS localization – Geolocalization of railway wagon with autonomous power can be done thanks to the RailLoc. The GPS localization can be done with 1 meter precision

Product Description

Wagon GPS localization – RailLoc features:

  • LTE communication of position with a land server (NB-IOT)
  • No power supply required
  • Small form factor : 200×100 mm
  • Can be mounted under the wagon
    • Exposed antennas (GPS/GSM)
    • Internal Antennas (via a plastic window on the top of the unit)
  • Can be mounted on wagon side
    • Antennas can be attached directly to the unit (not required with internal antennas)
  • Powering
    • Option Internal Batteries (Alkaline)
      • Up to 10 years of services
    • Option Solar cell integrated in the box
      • No internal batteries required
      • Position can be sent once every 20 minutes
  • Internal sensor
    • Built 3-axis accelerometer available as option
  • External sensors, available customizations for external sensors
    • Digital Input
    • Digital Output
    • RS485
    • Analog inputs


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