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Galleon Embedded Computing is a leading company in the creation of data storage systems in the main sectors in the defense, communications, transport, research and medical sectors. Galleon products are characterized by reduced form factor, availability in standard and rugged versions, high performance and quality, making them ideal for all SWaPc sensitive (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) sensitive applications in avionics or on the ground.

Galleon Embedded Computing realizes:

  • Data Recorders Rugged, with memory capacity up to 4 TB and connectivity 10 GbE, sFPDP and 1553;
  • Rugged Servers, based on Intel Core-i7 Gen2 processors, equipped with GbE Base-T, USB, GPS, ARINC429, 1553, SATA interfaces and XMC/PMX expansion slot;
  • Memory modules for VPX systems, in dual-slot 3U format, with memory capacity up to 4 TB, SATA/PCIe interface and JBOD/RAID functionality;
  • Rugged NAS, MIL-STD-810G compatible, with 2x 10 GbE interface and capacity of up to 40 TB via add-on module;
  • High Performance Mission Computer, compact size (150 x 170 x 100 mm), based on Intel Core-i7 processors and equipped with integrated GPS.

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Titan 40GbE XMC – Rugged XMC
Titan 40GbE XMC – Rugged XMC

Titan 40GbE XMC, Rugged XMC Rugged Optical Modules

Titan Serial FPDP XMC
Titan Serial FPDP XMC

Serial FPDP XMC, Quad Channel, Vita 17.1

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