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ApisSys is an European company focused to deliver best in class High Speed Data Conversion and Signal Processing Solutions for defense applications. Founded in 2009, it’s a fast-growing company; ApisSys data conversion products currently designed in 20 defense programs – development stage and deployment.

ApisSys products typical applications include but are not limited to Electronic Warfare systems (Radar Warning Receivers, Counter Measures), Radar (AESA, SAR, …), Broadband communications, High Energy Physics, LIDAR / LADAR – 3D Laser, Test and Measurement, Satellite Communication.

ApisSys products are built on standard :VITA 46 / VITA 65 VPX 3U – 6U and VITA 57 FMCApisSys products range from Single 10-bit 10 Gsps ADC 3U VPX module to Octal 14-bit 2.5 Gsps ADC 3U VPX module, including low-latency transceiver for L / S-Band and very high channel count fiber optics receivers.

ApisSys products support up to four ruggedization levels, ranging from standard air flow for development and benign environment use (VITA 47 EAC4 abd EAC6) to rugged conduction cooled (VITA 47 ECC3 and ECC4) dedicated to deployed defense applications in harsh environment

ApisSys provides custom design services and integration capabilities.

AF207 – Signal Generation
AF207 – Signal Generation

Arbitrary Broadband Signal Generation L and S bands, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

AV127 – Wideband communication
AV127 – Wideband communication

Wideband communication, Phased-Array Radar, Electronic Warfare

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