Concurrent Technologies

PR A11/6sd-RCx – Rugged 3U VPX PNT

Rugged 3U VPX PNT

PR A11/6sd-RCx – Rugged 3U VPX PNT

Designed in alignment with the SOSA ™ Technical Standard, PR A11/61d-RCR provides resilient PNT data for sensor based solutions that are used in Electronic Warfare and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance applications.

Product Description

PR A11/6sd-RCx – Rugged 3U VPX PNT key features:

  • 4-core ARM processor for control and management
  • Integrated multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS module with interference and jamming mitigation
  • Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for assured Position Navigation and Timing
  • Differential radial clock distribution
  • Coaxial Antenna and Timing signals in P2 aperture
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