MXC2-DEV-IO - MXC2 Development Board

MXC2-DEV-IO (WOLF-70D0) wolf

MXC2 Development Board with Multiple Inputs and Outputs

  • Compatible with the WOLF MCX2 modules such as WOLF-7080 MXC2-FGX
  • SDI inputs and outputs
  • DisplayPort inputs and outputs
  • Analog inputs and outputs
  • PCIe x16 interface
  • Ethernet and two USB interfaces
  • Additional pins for testing, debugging and other I/O

Product Description

MXC2 Development Board

This development board is compatible with WOLF MXC2 modules such as the WOLF-7080 MXC2-7080. This PCIe carrier board has a 400-pin connector for mounting the MXC2 module.

Multiple input and output connectors are available for getting data into and out of the MXC module mounted on the carrier.

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