Pentek was founded in 1986 and is currently one of the major manufacturers of cards for digital signal processing, data acquisition and radio software products (DDR). Pentek provides COTS solutions for VME, VXS, VPX, PMC / XMC, cPCI, PCI and PCIe standards, cards covering: data acquisition, radio software, and digital signal processing based on Texas Instruments DSP technology, Freescale PowerPC and the latest Xilinx Virtex FPGA 6.

Pentek offers more than sixty I / O products with mezzanine interfaces such as PMC, XMC, PCI and cPCI. The list also includes a complete offer of real-time data recording systems.

Main features of the products:

Single and multiprocessor cards with Freescale PowerPC chip and Texas Instruments C6000 DSP;
FPGA Xilinx, data acquisition, single or multi-channel ADC and DAC;
sampling rates up to 2 GHz, 24-bit resolution;
Radio software, up to 512 WIDE and NARROW band channels;
downconverter and upconverter;
software drivers for all major O / S available on the market.
Pentek is also an active member of many industry associations driving new technologies including VITA, OpenVPX, PCI-SIG, PICMG, and Forum Software Defined Radio.

Pentek products are available in our sections:

FPGA cards
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